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Auberge Gisele's Inn Hotel Baddeck 387 Shore Rd
Bethune's Boathouse Cottage Long Term Baddeck 49 Water St
Bras d'Or Lakes Campground RV/Camping Baddeck 8885 Hwy 105
Brass Door B & B B&B Baddeck 48 High Street
Chanterelle Country Inn & Cottage Hotel Baddeck 48678 Cabot Trail
Dunlop Inn B&B Baddeck 552 Chebucto St
Helena's Cottage Long Term Baddeck 48079 Cabot Trail, Tarbot; RR4
High Street Inn Long Term Baddeck 18 High St
Inverary Resort's Ceilidh Country Lodge Hotel Baddeck 357 Shore Rd
MacIvor House Long Term Baddeck 72 Jones Street
MacNeil House Hotel Baddeck 257 Shore Rd
Mother Gaelic's B&B B&B Baddeck 26 Water St
Sail Loft Cottage Long Term Baddeck 558 Chebucto St
Stephen's Bed & Breakfast B&B Baddeck 279 Murray Rd
Telegraph House Hotel Baddeck 479 Chebucto St
The Tree Seat Bed and Breakfast B&B Baddeck 555 Chebucto St
The Village Manse Vacation House Long Term Baddeck 523 Chebucto St
The Water's Edge Inn, Cafe & Gallery Hotel Baddeck 18–22 Water St
The Worn Doorstep B&B B&B Baddeck 43 Old Margaret Rd
Water's Edge Inn Cafe Gallery B&B Baddeck 22 Water Street
Worn Doorstep Bed & Breakfast B&B Baddeck 43 Old Margaree Road
Aberdeen Motel Hotel Aberdeen 10293 Hwy 105
Bear on the Lake Guest House Long Term Aberdeen 10705 Hwy 105
Celtic Mist Bed & Breakfast B&B Aberdeen 10865 Hwy 105
L'Auberge Acadienne Inn Hotel Arichat 2375 Hwy 206

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